Introducing a climate change community for everyone.

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1 min readJan 12, 2021


Happy people gardening — “We can fight climate change.”

In the three months since launching Oco, I have met so many passionate and wonderful people from many different organizations and initiatives.

My big take away is that we are not alone in the fight against climate change. Quite the opposite actually.

We are rethinking how we can make every aspect of the way we live to be more sustainable.

You can see it in the new world of plant-based food alternatives. Or the growing world of renewable energy. Or the environmental justice space advocating for indigenous land management.

And so today, I am introducing the new Oco community.

As a place where we can fight climate change together.

As a place to learn how to live more sustainably. And as a place to support and help one another.

All are welcome to join, get involved, and share your voice. Every Tuesday, we will come together to connect and learn from one another. I look forward to seeing you then. :)

Interested? Learn more about us at